These guidelines apply to all advertising, sponsorship, and promotion campaigns (collectively, “Campaigns”) taking place within the WatanNetwork including any Influencer Plus campaigns or YouTube videos that you produce, appear in, or promote on behalf of third party advertisers or brands. These guidelines apply to you whenever you receive a gift of any value as part of a Campaign, whether a cash payment, a free product, or an invitation to a special event. The goal of these guidelines is to ensure that your YouTube and social media audiences have a clear understanding about where these Campaigns originated from and your connection to them. It’s up to you how you choose to disclose your connection with these Campaigns, but the disclosure must be clear and obvious to your audience. We recommend the following guidelines:


  • For sponsored videos that you produce or appear in, include:
    • “Sponsored Video” within the first three lines of the “About” field so it is visible
  • For Influencer Plus Campaigns, include:
    • “Sponsored Video” or “Sponsored Message from [sponsor’s name]” within the first three lines of the “About” field so it is visible.
    • Please also pay particular attention to any specific directions appearing on the respective Influencer Plus Campaign page.


  • When promoting video content which you do not appear in, begin your promotion with the word “Ad” or “PaidPromo”. For example, you might say “Ad: Check out this incredible new video from [brand with link]!”

Finally, whenever you do participate in a Campaign, please remember to share only your honest experiences and refrain from misleading or offensive content.