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About Us

Accelerated Growth

WatanNetwork has perfected the science of growing audiences and earnings. We give you the tools, the experts, and even offer financing.

Content Protection

We offer copyright protection services so your videos can't be stolen. Our team focuses on monetization and protection of your content.

High-Profile Brands

We have the connections many others don't. Gain exclusive access to top-level brands and sponsors who pay higher CPM rates.

About Us

WatanNetwork is a Global Digital Media solutions company.

As Certified Partners with YouTube, Daily Motion and Facebook, we help original content owners monetize their content, protect their copyrights and build complete business strategies.

Our years of experience with media, legal services and digital marketing enable us to develop full marketing and sales strategies and implement them on our partners channels and pages. Our professional team increases engagement and promotes channels and official pages with the most efficient and effective methods.

WatanNetwork has built a premium network that brings together a large, diverse collection of popular movies, television shows, music, sports and entertainment. It is now one of the largest Arabic companies in the entire world.

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Our Story

The Story of WatanNetwork


Project Idea

The idea was to manage content for the production companies and provide a Win-Win scenario for both parties.

Business Conception

Our concept was to provide content owners with better customer service and partnerships that bring in revenue they were missing.

Legal Rewiew

Watan Group Network, LLC DBA: WatanNetwork was founded to cover the demand for content management in the MENA.

YouTube Certified

WatanNetwork became a Certified Service Provider for YouTube (not just MCN).

Dailymotion Certified

WatanNetwork Became a Certified Service Provioder for Dailymotion, Great partnership with Dailymotion was started to improve partner monetization opportunities.

Launched our Dashboard

Launched our Dashboard in Q4-2015. Our Dashboard became the first YouTube partner to offer in-house build tools for their customers.
Q1- 2016

Company Achievements

Reached over 1 Billion views per month.


In 2016 WatanFlix was born to help our viewers navigate easily through our content.

YouTube Musalsalat

With partnership with the YouTube team, YouTube Musalsalat was launched in 2016-09-26.

Facebook Rights Manager

Partnered with Facebook to manage and protect content on the platform.

Managing over 600 Series

Our library grew significantly to cover over 600 series and over 75 production companies.

Top YouTube Partner

In YouTube Media Partnership Summit in London, YouTube announced that WatanNetwork was one of the most successful content providers for YouTube in MENA region.

Audible Magic

We partnered with Audible Magic to identify content, manage rights, and monetize media in multiple platforms.

First Original Content

The Doubt is the first original content produced by WatanNetwork and the first Arabic series to be produced exclusively for YouTube.

WatchMojo Arabic

WatanNetwork and WatchMojo formed a partnership to launch the first Arabic WatachMojo content.

Watan Series FB

We launched our official page for a series on Facebook and reached over 2 Million followers in less than two months.


WatanNetwork Became a Snapchat partner and started to create series on Snapchat platform helping our partners to monetize their content on SC
To Be continued

More to come

We are working hard every day to provide the best partnerships and user experience for our partners.

Our team is strictly made up of professionals

Our team helps optimize your content and expand your audience. You, then maximize your impact online and reap the profits and rewards.

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You'll be in good company with over
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